Life is several bowls of cherries.

You’ve heard me talk about the cherries enough, I thought you should see some.

We have two trees, one Bing cherry, and the other a tastier variety. We can’t remember the name of the tastier cherries. (D’oh!) Each tree is about 30 feet high, so here’s Angel Joe, standing on a stepladder, using a pole to pull branches down so he can clip the cherries with a long pair of scissors. You want to leave the stems on or they go bad quickly.

Joe picks cherries.

There’s a fine net surrounding the tree. We left it on during picking, letting the cherries fall. That worked really well.

Cherries in net.

And here’s the result! One of about 4 big bowls worth. That was after heavy casualties from the birds and raccoons, particularly. The squirrels aren’t so bad.

Bowl of cherries.

There are still a couple of bowls worth left on the Bing tree. We’re getting a little tired of cherries at this point, frankly. Apparently the animals are, too, or there wouldn’t be so many out there.


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