M.A.D. Calls “Grunt Snort N Wheeze” Deer Call

All subculture accessories fascinate me, and here’s a wonderful example to show you why. First, I love the melding of rap-speak with hunting. The brand is “M.A.D. Calls,” as in, “I got mad deer-callin’ skillz, yo.”

But despite the trendy brand name, it takes only a moment to morph into the literalism of the serious hunter. This is not a Deluxe Deer Caller. It’s not a Deer Caller 2000. It’s a Grunt, Snort N Wheeze caller.

Exactly produces the low tending grunt, the short dominant snort and the challenging wheeze.

What is a tending grunt? According to an informative article by Dr. Larry Marchinton on the Night Hawk Publications website, “The tending grunt is the call that the deer voices when he’s tending a doe.” It is the deer equivalent of “Oh baby, oh God,” and it can sometimes lure a subordinate buck who thinks that perhaps the dominant buck tending the doe doesn’t really understand her, didn’t let her come first, or whatever, and he might be able to hang around and tap that, yo.

I also love the description of this item, which “combines a multi-tone grunt call with an 8″ extender tube and special echo chamber. Manipulating tube length and position changes tones.” I bet it does. It looks like something I might buy at Fascinations after long thought and a lot of questioning of the staff. I’m not going to link to a photo from Dr. Marchinton’s article, because I’m sure he owns many, many guns, but you might go there to see him using a deer caller.

Before I close, I see a hand waving at the back of the room. Yes?

“Esri, does the Grunt Snort N Wheeze caller come with a lanyard?”

Of course it does. It isn’t heated, however.


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