In the spring, a kitty’s thoughts turn to puking…

Musette has been feasting on grass and puking up some pretty respectable hairballs, even though I brush her about ten times a day. She’s fluffy – what can you do? So we’re in my office room this morning when she starts making hornking noises. Quick as a bunny, I pluck an empty greeting card box out of the trash and hold it under her face, catching most of it. There’s no hair, but what’s that yellow wad? It’s a piece of my chewed gum, with my teeth marks still on it.

See, I chew this xylitol teeth-cleaning gum. I don’t know if it cleans your teeth, but it’s really low-cal and doesn’t taste like fruit-flavored jet fuel, unlike most sugar-free gum. Being a health-food type o’ gum with no artificial softeners, it sets up in hard chunks when you’re done, so I often leave chewed wads on the edges of saucers, the tops of empty soda cans, etc. Why she would swallow a piece is beyond me. Maybe she loves me that much.

Tez requested a Musette video, so here it is. No, it’s not of her puking. Yes, the living room is given over entirely to cat toys. And the grinding sound is Angel Joe working on his electric-car project. With a grinder.

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2 Responses to “In the spring, a kitty’s thoughts turn to puking…”

  1. Tez Miller Says:

    What’s that grey fluffy thing in front of the scratching post? (No, not Musette.) Aw, they’re so cute when they chase things 😉 Manny’s only cat toy is a ball with a bell in it. He often loses it, and we don’t find it for months (or he doesn’t find it). He attacks the curtains and chews on the plastic of vinyl record covers, does that count? 😉

    Thank you for lovely video; I just wanted to pick her up for a cuddle. You’re special to have her. But she lets Angel Joe use a grinder? Manny does not like machinery or anything that makes a loud sound. But he’s a scaredy cat 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for not documenting the puking 😉

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    The grey thing is Sooty, a toy cat. I had him before Musette. Got him because his eyes follow you when you move. My Mom liked to pick him up and say he was possessed, then make him attack my neck with a little shriek. Anyway, Musette likes to knead Sooty, and sometimes she sleeps on him. She usually kneads him while standing, leading to the exhortation, “Go stomp your kitty!”

    Joe was using the grinder in the garage, under the house, but she’s pretty brave around loud noises. The only thing that gets her is the trash truck, although the other day she went out and watched them from the deck. It’s funny, because when we first got her, she wouldn’t come out from under the bed, didn’t seem to know what stairs were, and had clearly never been outside. You could say she’s blossomed.

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