EasyClip Sunglasses Case and EasyClip Review

magnetic clip-on sunglasses case(Glasses review is below)

It’s very hard to find replacement cases for magnetic clip-on sunglasses, and the little sleeves they give you are insufficient, anyway. These cases are $3.50 from DebSpecs.com, and they come in more colors than are shown.

I’m ordering one (or a couple) and will let you know how they work.

Update: Received it (pink with silver stripe), and it’s perfect. Snug enough so that they don’t slip out, but loose enough that I can pull them out easily. No bigger than it has to be. Great!

And for those who have looked for a hard case for the EasyClips, there are these at DebSpecs.com, in two sizes ($5.00). (And no, she’s not a relative or friend. She just has a great site.)

How do I like my EasyClips?

A lot of people have found this post because they’re looking for a review of the clip-on sunglasses themselves. I like them a lot, and here’s why.

1) They don’t add significant weight to the glasses.

2) There is a very slight learning curve to getting them on and off, but it’s not difficult. A week, and the lifting-off action will be automatic.

3) I thought I would smudge my regular glasses when I took the clips on and off, but I don’t. There’s a little gap in between the two sets of lenses. (Athletes: If you’re looking for sunglasses that fit close to the face, these are not for you. A bit of light comes over the top. Also, if you face-plant while skiing, they will pop right off and be lost forever.)

4) Because of the slight space in between, the sunglasses don’t scratch the regular lenses. They don’t touch them at any point.

5) I love not having to carry a clunky glasses case in my purse. I just use that little slip-on thing. It takes up no room.

6) The sunglasses part aren’t non-reflective, so they don’t get dirty as quickly as my regular lenses. This is good, because you sometimes touch them a bit. I’ve found that cleaning them once a week is sufficient.

If there is a con to the EasyClips, it’s that I’m always putting them in my purse and taking them out again. For this reason, I wish there was a way to wear them on a string, so I could just let them dangle. I haven’t tried to do this, but a cursory examination shows that there’s not a great place to tie anything. It would have to be something thin.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’ll answer. If you appreciated this post, you might read the first part of my book and see if you like it. It’s only four bucks, and has mystery, romance and comedy.


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