Good News, Everyone!

I took Musette to the vet yesterday, and the lovely and talented Dr. Bauman said, “I don’t think that tooth is as bad as it looks,” and proceeded to scrape the black off Musette’s molar. Yes! It was just really nasty-colored tartar. She cranked Musette’s head back so she couldn’t close her mouth and proceeded to descale her right there. Didn’t have to take blood, didn’t have to anesthetize, and didn’t have to pull any teeth. I love Dr. Bauman.

Musette got all her various shots, so today she’s sleeping it off, which means the robins are playing merry hell with the cherry trees. In past summers, I have spent days stalking them through the underbrush, hose in hand, like a Vietcong sniper. I simply don’t have the time. We’ll have to hope that the netting saves some and Musette is back on her game tomorrow.

In other news, my month of cranking out pages has left me doughy and slack, so I stretched a little (creak! groan!) and did a bit o’ jogging this morning. I have never been anything resembling a jogger, but when I’m at my nadir of fitness, my desperate desire to get back in shape propels me into the street. Running gets the blood flowing fast. For me, it burns through allergen markers so I react less to food, makes my skin look better immediately (we don’t sweat much, in my family), and causes me to snort big wads of mucus out of my ossified sinuses. I think I found a prehistoric wasp in one chunk. I should call the Smithsonian.

Here’s a primer for the non-jogger who wants to jog.

  1. Dredge yoga stretches from memory, and marvel at tightness of everything except muscles.
  2. In addition to proper shoes and comfy clothes, put on ballcap, so you look more authentic and also so people can’t see your face.
  3. Go out to street, lean forward, and make your legs go so you don’t fall down.
  4. Jog to end of block. Stop and gasp helplessly. Lift your shaking arm and make sure bill of ballcap is pulled down low.
  5. Jog back home. Take off shoes and lay on floor, gasping helplessly. When you can move again, get up and have something caffeinated, so you don’t just go back to bed.

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One Response to “Good News, Everyone!”

  1. Tez Miller Says:

    Congratulations to Musette on not having rotten teeth after all – good girl 🙂

    Now that I remember it, another vet at the clinic said that the vet who said Manny had rotten teeth was a bit obsessive about teeth. Still, fingers crossed he won’t have any more removed in July.

    If there was no anaesthetic, how did Musette stay still long enough for the scrapings? Was anyone injured? 😉

    Enjoy jogging (I’ll stick with my almost-daily walking down a hill and up again), and have a lovely day! 🙂

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