New interview, in which I use the word “goiter.”

I have a new interview at The Romance Reader, and I actually talk about my personal life a little. I know! Usually I’m very close-mouthed about that. You can read it here.

Did everyone have a good weekend? We had three meals with friends. I always think a really social weekend feels longer, don’t you? I’m plowing through revisions on Bound to Want Him. Being the second book, there are consistency issues with the elven universe I’ve created. Today I found a regular ol’ logic issue with passwords and computers. File sharing is just too convenient. Blackmail was so much easier when stuff existed solely on pieces of paper, don’t you think? I’ll figure something out.

We started wrapping our cherry tree in netting this evening, to minimize the damage by birds and squirrels. We have two sweet cherry trees, and the robins in particular are death on the fruit. It’s not as though they sit there and finish a cherry, oh no. They take two pecks and then move on to a new one. Other people think of robins as perky and cheerful. I’m out there stalking them with a high-pressure hose, muttering, “Take that, you red-breasted bastard.”


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