Furbabies Dresses for Your Dog

When I saw the thumbnail to the left on eBay, I thought, “My God, you can dress your infant up like a French whore!” But what I thought were bosom outliners are actually the loops of a bow, and this dress isn’t for your baby, it’s for your dog.

Furbabies Boutique carries an entire fashion line for your toy breed dog. I’d show some here, but the site doesn’t allow linking. This one will make you want to rearrange your little girl’s arms so they’ll fit. Visit the vender’s non-eBay site, and don’t miss the Happy Customer page. You’ll have to navigate for yourself. She’s hidden all the page properties, so I can’t link to them either.

If you want a dress but don’t have a dog to put in it, the links page will take you to FancyPoo4U, where you can buy wee poodles and poodle mixes, plus other toy breeds like Shorkies (Shih tzu and Yorkie) and Morkies (Yorkie and Maltese). The Morkies are particularly adorable, plus, there’s this one in a dress. If the picture disappears, well, you’ll just have to go there.


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One Response to “Furbabies Dresses for Your Dog”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’d kill (metaphorically) to get my hands on her customer list. Because people who buy dresses for dogs would certainly commission pet portraits! (Though here’s hoping I wouldn’t have to draw them in dresses.)

    The stuff you find on eBay….

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