A romance writer’s daydream…

I’m over at RomanceNovel.TV, talking about a romance writer’s ideal day. Join me and tell me what your ideal day is, writer or not! If you have time, please comment on that site and make me look wildly popular.

Click here to read about my ideal day.

FUNNY BACKGROUND STORY: We filmed this very quickly, while my parents were in town for my book signing. Picture this: I’m on the chaise while my Dad fiddles with the camera. Joe is standing by in tuxedo and swim trunks (It’s a shame you can’t see that he’s also wearing the tux shirt and a cummerbund). We all freeze when this guy wanders down the path to our house and looks around like he’s just fallen down the rabbit hole. “Um,” he says. “I just knocked over your neighbor’s motorcycle, but he doesn’t seem to be home. Do you know how I can get in touch with him?”

Joe scampers inside to get the portable phone and call Neighbor Brad. Reaches him, and hands the phone to the guy. Brief conversation ensues. He hangs up, and hands the phone to me. “Um, thank you.”

Me, with gracious, duchessy smile. “You’re welcome.”

We never did explain what we were doing. I just hope the presence of my parents convinced him it was not an “adult” movie.

P.S. The microphone is hidden in the flowers.

P.P.S. YouTube has a “Watch in High Quality” feature! If you click the video above twice to get to the YouTube page, you’ll see that option just below the player control, on the right-hand side. The sound is a little murkier in that version, for some reason.


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4 Responses to “A romance writer’s daydream…”

  1. jillmonroe Says:

    Too, too funny!!!

  2. Suzan Grenier Says:

    love to see the movie version of your ideal day! You are very photogenic, ER.

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    It was a hoot to film. The straps of my dress kept falling down, so I had Angel Joe affix them to my back with medical tape.

  4. Janet Mullany Says:

    OH, it WAS Joe–my first reaction was “who is the guy who lost his pants?”

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