Book signing is today!

First time seeing it in the store!

List of things to do before my Borders book signing:

Make some kind of sticker for the kiddies: “I’ve Been Elfed”? Sounds inappropriate. Maybe “You’re Bound to Love Me.” That was adorable on the Zazzle onesie.

Hypnotize self to stop cussing.

Buy woman-luring chocolate for signing table.

Print and cut out bunches of speech-balloon stickers for book buyers to put on covers.

Remember to bring special signing pens and additional bookmarks. ( did a great job on the bookmarks.)

Make some kind of signage? (Mind is currently a blank.)

Fix hair. FIX IT!

P.S. Angel Joe took the picture, and you can see the edges of my parents on the right side of the photo. They’re in town for my signing. We all went in the bookstore together and milled around like tourists. I went over to one of the clerks and introduced myself, noting that I was “kind of excited.” He said, “I can see that.”

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