I decided to put up an audio file of me reading the first chapter of the book. Our microphone is not very sensitive, so I have to hold it, which gets a little tiring. But I kept it up, doing the voices, Thor’s warning bark, etc. I read for 45 minutes, repeating stuff when I flubbed. Finished. Felt good. Realized the microphone switch wasn’t turned on. (sigh) Will try again later.


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2 Responses to “Podcast”

  1. LiJuun Says:


    Seriously, are we sisters or something? ‘Cause that is totally something I would do.

    Sort of like Bridget Jones yelling her speech because the mic was not working. THEN they turned it on.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    It was really sad. I tried recording it again, but I sounded all pissy. No one would have liked my heroine in that mood. Must have some port tonight and try again.

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