Closed Contest: Put words in Galan’s mouth!

This contest is closed. Visit my Events page for news on upcoming contests.

I love my upcoming book’s cover, but it definitely prompts the question, “What is Mr. Nekkid Elf looking at?”

So I’m having a new contest to fill in the speech bubble.

Full contest details can be reached by clicking on the New Contest tab at the tippy top of this page. I’ve already gotten some humdingers.

It’s okay. It turns green every Spring.

And this little piggy went wee! Wee! Wee! all the way home.

I’m living in my own private idahoooooo

Plus, one limerick (I love limericks.)

There once was an elf from Boulder
Loved a girl who made him smolder
He stood and looked down
And thought with a frown,
“Wonder if this wand will hold her?”


3 Responses to “Closed Contest: Put words in Galan’s mouth!”

  1. colleen gleason Says:

    LOL. Okay, Esri, you’ve really opened the door on this one.

    I just submitted my two ideas. Don’t slap me. 😀

  2. Emilie Storrs Says:

    Wow…I thought just my ears were pointy!

  3. Bettye Short Says:

    I like this book and would love to read Elves Among Us.

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