We have a winner!

Musette murbles!

Read on to hear how Musette picked the winner of “Colin” the incubus ring.

We started up the DVD of Pride and Prejudice and waited for Musette to meow. Colin Firth had to be speaking for Musette’s vote to count. When this happened for the first time, Angel Joe stopped the DVD, checked the time stamp, and plugged it in the modulo formula. Basically, the entrants cycled around in a virtual game of musical chairs, each one getting a new chance to win every 103 seconds.

Musette gave a little murble at 15 minutes and 51 seconds, making Emmy Yu the winner of “Colin” the incubus ring! She was playing under her tissue paper at the time — Musette, that is. I don’t know what Emmy gets up to in her living room.

Colin Firth was in the process of saying, ” Thank you, madam. I rarely dance.” It’s his very first line to the Bennets. That Musette, she’s a smart cookie.

Colin chooses!

Anyway, Emmy, you can make your “Colin” dance up a storm if you like. Sweet dreams!

(Click here for the video of me interviewing “Colin” the ring)

Big thanks to everyone who entered. This has been a lot of fun. Now go look at the new contest!


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10 Responses to “We have a winner!”

  1. LiJuun Says:

    Congrats to Emmy Yu! I’m not jealous. Not even slightly. And I certainly am NOT sneaking up behind you with a baseball bat right now. So don’t look.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    (whips head around)

  3. FantasyGirl Says:

    Congrats Emmy! You’ll have to tell us all about your incubus adventures.

  4. Laura Says:

    Another contest? I can’t even imagine what you’ll come up with to top this one.

    You should have started with something less spectacular. Soon you’ll have to hire fire eaters and male dance troupes to keep up the momentum.

  5. Esri Rose Says:

    Laura: I know! The new contest is the speech bubble one. What it lacks in sapphires, it makes up in hysteria.

  6. Emmy Says:

    Yay! Technically I live in a dorm right now so no living room but if I had one along with some tissue paper I would no doubt be doing exactly what Musette was.

    What? Tissue paper is fun.

  7. callmeabookworm Says:

    Ah, I did so want the ring and Colin with it 😦
    Oh well, have fun Emmy, you lucky lucky girl!

  8. LiJuun Says:

    OK, I just have to say I keep scrolling down to this post to see Musette. SHE IS SO CUTE! I love that widdle nose sticking out. Such a pretty color of grey, too.

    That’s right, Esri: your cat has a fan!

  9. Esri Rose Says:

    I spend all day long squeeing at Musette. She has silver tips on the ends of her fur. I’m thinking I might need to make some Musette bookmarks.

  10. maria Says:

    Esri, I know a male fire dancer who does it nekkid.
    Just sayin’, you know, for the next contest.

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