I’m in big writing mode. I always wondered how people manage to crank out ten pages every day (or 20, for that matter). The answer? Have a need to crank out ten pages a day. Apparently it’s that simple.



2 Responses to “Working…affirmative…”

  1. carolyn jean Says:

    I always wondered that, too. I would sometimes look at LKH’s blog and feel like a loser, as she frequently does 14 pages a day.

    I’ve never had to do 10 pages a day, but it’s good to hear it can be done.

  2. theresa Says:

    Hi Esri.

    I was able to FINALLY do more than 10 pages a day with my WIP. Before that, I wondered how other people did it. Kind of nice when it flows like that….less than 20 pages to go until my WIP is done! woohoo! Have to admit, I haven’t got anything else done in the past two months.


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