Eyeballs ‘R’ Us

Perhaps today is the day you woke up and thought,

Eyeballs. They’re so round, so…attentive.
I must have eyeballs all around me!!!!”

Someone apparently had that epiphany once,
and Mad Martian’s Eyeball Museum™ and Gift Shop
is the result.

Browse through 197 eyeball-related items, separated into categories like squeezable, inflatable, wearable, practical, and realistic.

Here’s the description for Realistic Eyeball – style E – brown:

These have replaced Style A. They are similar except that they are round in the back instead of fluted, and they float.

I think everyone can agree that this is a big improvement, especially when you see some of the suggested uses.

Realistic is good, but I’d do most of my Christmas shopping in the practical section. I mean, come on…

The Museum has a much better caption: “Keep an eye on your butts!”

For the automotive aficionado, we have eyeball license-plate bolts,

As well as tire-valve covers.

And to make sure your precious children feel safe and watched over,

This is just the tip of the eyeball iceberg, so have fun browsing. Maybe you’ll finish up in the links section, where you can try to outstare the cyber eye.


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