It’s a nice day for a non-white wedding.

This post is for us chicks. (For even more chickie goodness, don’t miss my Fantasy Wedding Resource Page.

Pink is the new white.

I love weddings. I’ve been married three times — twice to Angel Joe, because he enjoys a good wedding himself. (I keep telling you, he’s an Angel.) We had a hippie-dippy Renaissance wedding the first time. Later, I decided I wanted to wear the big white dress at least once. (I wore tea-length at my very first nuptials.) So we flitted off to Vegas and rented formal togs. It was the first time I’d seen Joe in a tux (with tails!), and the first time I rode in a limo. We had a blast.

I have a couple of friends who are getting married soon, and today I thought, “If Angel Joe and I renewed our vows again, what would I wear?” I’ve done white. A quick trip down Googley Lane revealed the following.

This is a great dress by Hollywood Dreams, sold on a British site, (I keep reading that as Pantiless Bride).

Can you get wedding dresses on eBay? Please. You can get marvelous dresses that cost $250 with shipping, plus maybe another $200 in alterations when you get them. That’s only four-hundred-fifty bucks for a top-quality dress that comes direct from the Chinese manufacturer to you. I went to a wedding where the bride wore one of these dresses, and she looked fabulous.

Here’s a beautiful eBay dress that will meet the “something blue” requirement at the same time. Starting bid? Twenty-five bucks.

Look for eBay wedding-dress stores like Bridal Market, and always check the shipping price. Sometimes it’s more than the dress.

India and Pakistan are experts at non-white weddings. Here’s a stunner, but don’t neglect the rest of the site. As a bonus, almost all their dresses are under $2,000.

I like the two-color look. Here are two Italian examples.

Of course, I look best in black, so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve saved the best for last.

Choose your size and one of 45 colors for this eBay beauty. It was $170 including shipping and insurance when I looked at it, and had a little over an hour to go.

This last dress will not be that cheap.

Designer Maureen Myring Kesteron is the genius behind this black-velvet confection. For the possibility of getting this gown at a discount, check out the sample-dress page. Just remember that prices are listed in British pounds.

If you’re getting married soon, Yay! Have fun! If you’re already married, don’t let true lurrrve stop you from doing it again. For the price of an extra night in a nice hotel, you can buy the dress, rent the tux, and marry your tried-and-true husband all over again. Talk about having your wedding cake and eating it, too.


(You might also check out my big resource page for Elven, Elvish, and Fantasy Weddings.)


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2 Responses to “It’s a nice day for a non-white wedding.”

  1. Charity Says:

    I kind of like the camouflage wedding dress myself:

    But then, I would.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    Poor girl. Done in by an enormous metal picture frame.

    It is a cool dress, though. I really like the little side edges on the bodice.

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