“Lawrence Larva”

“Slavic treasures” could describe a lot of things — Fabergé eggs, borscht, or this Christmas ornament, made by Slavic Treasures and available on eBay.

That’s Lawrence Larva from the Way-Out Bugs collection.

Moving on to the Wacky Fruit and Veggies collection, we find Perky Pear. (Note: Using the search term “perky” on eBay will bring up perky pairs a’plenty. It’s kind of a code word.)

There’s also a host of resin heads from what might be called the Decapitated Animal collection.

Slavic Treasures also creates the standard Santas and snowmen, as well as a line of sports teams ornaments. But just when you’re recovering from skewed cartoon teeth and glassy-eyed taxidermist’s models, they whip out something from their Halloween Harvest Goodies line, such as this…

…which they call “Ghostly Blue,” but which I personally think of
as the “Specter of Skoal.”

Collect ’em all.


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2 Responses to ““Lawrence Larva””

  1. Dom Says:

    OMG…what about the “AniBalls”:


  2. Esri Rose Says:

    Oh, man, I hadn’t seen the bear. The cat isn’t too warped, because cats naturally lie in a circle. The bear looks like it’s passed through something’s digestive system. You know, I think political-figure Aniballs would really sell.

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