“Adorable Vintage Pixie/Elf Ashtray”

[Note: The original eBay item is long gone, but I recently discovered this twin of the original.]

This will teach me to look for elf-related items on eBay.

For those times when you want to tap hot ashes into an adorable pixie’s mouth, we have this loose-lipped wonder.

OR, hang it on the wall, plumb it with a little trickling fountain, and you’d have a great decoration for a pediatric dentist’s office.


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4 Responses to ““Adorable Vintage Pixie/Elf Ashtray””

  1. LiJuun Says:

    Now that is one creepy ashtray. I’d never be able to sleep at night if that thing was in my house. Unless you somehow got Colin Firth imprisoned in it. Well, I still wouldn’t sleep much, huh?

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    Creepy is the word, but I’m watching a Christmas ornament on eBay that makes this thing look positively cherubic. Maybe I’ll blog on that next.

    I don’t want to think about Colin in conjunction with any of these items. (shudder)

  3. todd Says:

    Hey, I think the little guy is kinda nifty. But, I collect elves and I also smoke too. I would consider him a great addition to my collection. Too bad he’s no longer available on Ebay!

  4. Esri Rose Says:

    It would have been perfect for you!

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