In a Colin kind of mood…

We’re still counting down the days until the April 1st drawing for the “Colin” ring. I have plans to sit down and interview the incubus known as “Colin” after choosing the winner, so don’t miss that upcoming video. In the meantime, here is video of a very different sort, just to put you in the mood. It’s not my video, but I believe the singer is the late Eva Cassidy. Now that I’ve heard her, I think I’ll have to buy a CD.


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3 Responses to “In a Colin kind of mood…”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have an Eva Cassidy CD if you want to peruse it first.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    Oh, it’s ordered and received! I lub it! Thanks, though.

  3. Theresa Shafer Says:

    Wow, how gently moving.

    This Colin is really nice. Thank you for sharing him with us. When I looked at the Colin ring I saw dark blue eyes, but this man has dark brown eyes. I do wonder who I saw? Oh, well.

    (giggle) if he does go home with me, then I guess he is just trying to please me before I even hold him.

    If he does not go home with me then I guess he just wanted me to feel his inner passion. A kindness freely given and received.

    Esri, I hope you can part with him when the time comes.

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