Mick Jagger Would Not Share His Chicken Bucket

Mick Jagger Would Not Share His Chicken Bucket” is an original painting by Kata Billups.

The two descriptions below are from this painting’s eBay page:

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK: My PRIMARY ORIGINAL paintings generally are selling in the TEN to ONE HUNDRED thousand dollar range at present. this is ONE OF THEM!

DESCRIPTION OF PAINTING, FRAME and MATTE: The painting is 14″ high and 10″ wide. I am currently searching for a very high quality frame for this piece.

I have to say, I’m a fan. Ms. Billup’s art features either/both Rock ‘N’ Roll icons and Jesus. Her two themes are the hollowness of fame, and Jesus as a real person with real emotions (see her masters thesis). Below is an example of both themes neatly encapsulated: “JESUS HIRED AN ANGEL AND BROKE OUT THE SHERI LEWIS LAMBCHOP PUPPET IN AN ATTEMPT TO CHEER UP A CLINICALLY DEPRESSED PAUL MC CARTNEY.”

And her description:

The setting of this large postmodern painting is like a stage. The stage arena was actually my little living room while I attended Graduate School working on my Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing. The chairs were purchased at Goodwill and yard sales, the art work actually hung in these positions on the walls. This is exactly how my place looked (except of course for the fact that Paul Mc Cartney never visited me, and I never got a good look at Jesus.) My fourteen year old long haired German Shepherd lies at Paul’s feet (like she did for years at mine). Her name was Zoe, and she died of old age a few years ago. More specifically, this painting shows Jesus with a slightly mischievous look, trying to cheer up a clinically depressed Paul Mc Cartney by utilizing a Lambchop Hand Puppet. Paul Mc Cartney is slumped over in a lazy boy chair, with his bathrobe and socks on. He has been scribbling on some pictures of Yoko with a red paint brush. Jesus attempts to cheer up Paul with a hand-puppet. Not just ANY hand puppet, but the famous Sherri Lewis LAMBCHOP puppet.

(Painting detail)

Kata Billups has a list of celebrity collectors which includes Tom Petty and Susan Sarandon, but most of her paintings feature a “Make Offer” button, so go to her store. You can read more about her fascinating career here.


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3 Responses to “Mick Jagger Would Not Share His Chicken Bucket”

  1. Beth Godin Says:

    Well I would just like to say that I stumbled across this in my search for Lambchop & Sherri Lewis memorabelia. I am impressed!

    I like the cozy feel of this painting, it has a simmering laughter to it 😀


  2. Esri Rose Says:

    It’s good, isn’t it? I love his whole posture — and those shoes!

  3. Kata Billups Says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are so kind to review my work! I like to put crazy funny pointy shoes on the rock icons. Mick is fascinating to me, so “ballsy” in his performances. I pictured him really selfish about a dern bucket of chicken that he wouldn’t even share with a woman and baby….(maybe even a lady love of his…) the thought made me laugh a little. In this world of distress and unkindness I think laughter is MUCH under-rated! KATA

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