Exciting news, and an amazing coincidence!

Yesterday, while firming up some details with Sherry of Sherry’s Enchantments, I asked if she had any rings with blue stones. To me, blue suggests cool aristocracy, as well as Princess Di’s wedding ring.

Sherry immediately emailed me a picture of the rings she gets from her supplier in Israel (this woman is a dream to work with), but this left me with a dilemma. I liked the blue-stone ring a lot, but it was smaller than the others. Would the contest winner feel cheated? Knowing I could ponder this forever, I asked Angel Joe for his opinion. This required standing on the toilet seat, as he was taking a shower.

“She’s got eight different stones to pick from,” I said, looking at the top of his head as he frolicked in the water. (This viewpoint always makes me feel like I own a big, manly guppy. I want to put an enormous plastic treasure chest in there with him.) “How am I going to pick one? You know how I am with jewelry.”

He scrubbed at his hair. “Why don’t you look up Colin Firth’s birthday and see what his birthstone is?”

I gaped at him for a moment. “You are a frickin’ genius.”

So I went to Wikipedia to find Mr. Firth’s birthday and then look up the corresponding birthstone. Typed the man’s name in. Looked at his birthday. Well, Colin Firth’s birthstone is a sapphire, and I didn’t even have to look it up, because… (Cue music, then highlight the blank space after this sentence to reveal the invisible text.) Colin Firth and I have the same birthday.

Yes! Not the same year, of course, but Colin Firth and I were born on the same month and day. For the first time, I felt a little tug of reluctance to give up this ring. “Perhaps,” I thought, “I owe it to the eventual owner to check out the merchandise a little — not to invoke the ring and bind “Colin” to me, obviously, but just to put it on and see if a meet and greet is possible.” That way, I won’t actually be dirtying up the merchandise. Plus, Angel Joe takes a dim view of supernatural sex.

In the meantime, I asked Sherry what the stone actually was. Her response:

It’s a Sapphire Blue Gemstone.

Me: “Yes, but sapphire blue is a color. Is it a man-made sapphire? A zircon? I’d just like to know for myself. The goodness is all in your work, and that’s very valuable. Very excited to see the page!”

Her response:

No it’s not man made, it’s a Genuine Blue Sapphire Gemstone. Imported from Jordan.

Me (heartily embarrassed): “Dude! Sweet!”

Oh, and since I don’t know the winner’s ring size, I’m looking at packaging it with a necklace and a photo-frame charm with a piccy of “Colin.”

At Angel Joe’s suggestion, I will be picking the winner on April 1. Also, he has come up with a random-selection process so bizarre yet appropriate that you will gasp in awe when you hear it. Stay tuned, and enter the contest. There is still a whopping chance you could win, because people are reluctant to give out their emails, even though I promise I won’t sell them, trade them or give them away. Also, I don’t have time to send out bunches of emails. I’m too busy blogging.

DISCLAIMER: The ring named “Colin” is for entertainment purposes only. Esri Rose makes no paranormal claims for this item. Your mileage may vary.

“Twilight Zone” theme MIDI courtesy of http://asuwlink.uwyo.edu/~dwwilson/music.htm.


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11 Responses to “Exciting news, and an amazing coincidence!”

  1. FantasyGirl Says:

    Good golly what a coincidence on the birthdays! I’m thinkin’ you and this ring have some sort of cosmic connection. Before the winner is chosen, why not perform a “test run” and include an entry from you? If your entry is selected, you KNOW you’re meant to keep that ring.

    Hmmn. Do you think people would go for the “my dog ate it” excuse?

  2. LiJuun Says:

    DUDE. You have the same birthday as Colin Firth? I am oddly jealous of that. Not quite hair-pulling, eye-scratching jealous, but I am thinking dark thoughts and pouting a little.


    On another note, I took one look at those rings and (before I read the post) thought, “Oh! I like the delicate little blue one. I hope she’s going to put Colin in there. Then I hope I win. I like that ring.” Of course, if I do win, it’ll undoubtedly not be Colin Firth, but probably Colin Frizzle instead. Wrong Colin, but that’s just my luck.

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    I know! I think I had seen that we shared a b-day years ago and was impressed, but I had totally forgotten.

    Fantasy Girl: Fortunately for you guys, I don’t own a dog. Musette has shown no jewelry-eating tendencies, although she might bat it under the couch.

    LiJuun: You’ve made me very happy. I thought the blue ring was extra tasteful and wearable. Good luck to you in the contest!

  4. Sedna Says:

    Magnificent! I do hope I win “Colin”. I’ll take good care of him and feed him every single day.
    Also…I have the same birthday as George Clooney, my main squeeze. Hmm…if perchance I don’t take Colin home with me, perhaps an arrangement can be made with a nice emerald stone…

  5. Jody W. Says:

    I have the same birthday as Tom Cruise. I don’t think there’s any connection. Whatsoever.

  6. Esri Rose Says:

    Jody: I should say not! (shudder) I used to think Tom was so purty. He still is, but he’s also…well, you know. I don’t even see the purty anymore.

  7. Heather Says:

    Yeah, well I have the same birthday as Ron Jeremy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  8. Laura Says:

    How about an Oded Fehr ring? Perhaps in a nice ruby stone?

  9. Esri Rose Says:

    Heather: HA! Now that’s a claim to fame.

    Laura: Don’t confuse me. You’re confusing me!

  10. Theresa Shafer Says:

    I think the ring choose you. It is very strong. I can feel it even thru the picture.

    It may have chosen you to keep it or it may have chosen you to help him on get to his true partner.

    Either way. The ring – stone – life-force within is alive.

  11. Carolyn Pettit Says:

    I can vision the ring on my finger now!!! Ooolala. It is meant for me.

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