Elvic Pesly is the Keng.

Ten dollars starts the bidding for this extremely valuable “domain name for Elvis Presley.”

What’s that you say? It’s missing two letters? But that’s the beauty of it! Let’s say someone means to type in Presley.com (owned by the very enterprising Presley family, no relation to the King). But due to some problem, they type the wrong letters. You use this website to sell things that solve that problem! For example…

  • Pesly Touch Typing System
  • Pesly Keyboard Cleaner
  • Pesly Prosthetic Fingers, for shop teachers and meth-addicted chefs
  • Pesly Phonics
  • Pesly as a Second Language

Are you starting to see the potential? Good, because the seller, sadfsadfsadfasdfasdfsdf, has a variety of other dollar-store-type domains for sale, such as:

  • HSony.com
  • PTrue.com
  • AsJen.com
  • WayBay.com

and this one, bound to rake in the hits,

  • MeHelp.com, for very desperate dyslexics.

There’s lots more. Entertain yourself by looking at the marketing suggestions for the domains on sale in his eBay store. You might decide you want to be a WeddingTeacher, or that OrPop is a great brand name for, I don’t know, some kind of intestinal-gas-relief product.


UPDATE: Checked my blog stats and noted the Internet searches that had led people to my site. In addition to “goat milking,” “youtube tractors” and “scary elves,” someone had typed in “Elvis Pesly.”


Next time, on Things I Didn’t Buy On eBay,
Toothpicks and the Transformative Power of Friendship.

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