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Author Esri Rose interviews “Colin” — watch the video!


It all started with my post about an “incubus nymph spirit ring” available on eBay. Smart Bitches reported on my post, in addition to another eBay auction, featuring Colin Firth. Which gave me an idea…

I emailed Sherry, the creator of the [link not work safe] “Ricardo” ring, and asked if she had an incubus named “Colin” lying around that she could put in a ring for me. Astonishingly, she did!

Dear Esri:

There is an incubus named Colin but I have never invoked him. I don’t mind invoking him in a different ring this tomorrow or Sunday, as an invocation takes 7-8 hours to do correctly.

I decided to commission [link not work safe] the “Colin” ring and give it to some lucky gal who didn’t value restful sleep. It was, of course, for “entertainment” purposes only. Sherry said she could tweak how “Colin” appeared to his lucky owner, so I made some very specific suggestions to her.

  • Upper-class British accent
  • Sexy, Georgian-style sideburns
  • Very tall, with warm eyes
  • Large, sensitive hands
  • Gently waving, silky brown hair
  • Haughty demeanor that melts when he sees you
  • He will love you “just as you are.”

Emmy Yu was the lucky winner. Before shipping “Colin” off, I took the time to interview him on what being an incubus was like.


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