Girl milking a goat… Yuh-huh.

I like goats. We had a nanny goat for milk when I was a child, and so I know a little about goats. I was up for a wholesome, goat-related postcard, and thought I had found one in this 1906 Norwegian Goat Milking Scene Postcard. Sigh.

Helga, can you turn your cheek zis way a little? No, ze ozzer cheek.

Folks, that’s not a female goat. Just to ensure that the goat-savvy get the joke, the nanny goat is to the right (top photo). Note her shorter horns and abbreviated beard. Plus, no one in their right mind would milk a goat in that position.And finally, there’s no pail to catch the milk. No, the photographer posed Miss Pink Cheeks that way so the horn would suggest naughtiness. “Yah, Helga, the krone will roll in! Ve vill pay for your echucation in veterinary sciences, you betcha!”

So this is what gave pervy Norwegians a chortle in 1906. With four months of darkness during the winter, I guess you have to make your own entertainment.


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3 Responses to “Girl milking a goat… Yuh-huh.”

  1. Janet Mullany Says:

    Nonsense! It’s perfectly acceptable, early Norwegian artificial insemination technique. This was after Dr. Helga had graduated from veterinary school.

    What occasion calls for a wholesome, goat-related postcard? Is it some sort of uh, Boulder, thing?

  2. Charity Says:

    I’m so glad I’m Swedish.

  3. Esri Rose Says:

    Janet, I defy you to list any occasion that can’t benefit from a wholesome, goat-related postcard. See? You can’t do it.

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