“Vintage Bizarre Snowmobile Plans”

This item is reeeeally tempting. For $4.95 you can download the PDF plans to build these three snowmobiles. The one on the left looks like something Buck Rogers would use to cruise moon mountains. See how they’ve tilted the picture to make it look like he’s going uphill? That baby has power.

Is that a gun, or are you really enjoying the ride?

“We’re riding what appears to be a giant sewing machine with a zipper foot!” Let’s hope that single steering rod has a shear-away feature, although you really only need one kidney. Finally, we have the passenger. Capri snow pants say “woman,” fur hat and gun say “man.” It’s a mystery.

Vroom! Crash! “Aieeeee!”

I find this the most worrisome of all. For a while it baffled me, until I realized that it’s shown from the rear, unlike the other two. Presumably this is so you can see how easily accessible the motor is, placed as it is in the driver’s crotch. Plow into a tree and you can assess the damage without having to remove a pesky engine housing — just as soon as you untangle your testicles from the flywheel.

Be sure to visit this seller’s store and check out his vintage plans for midget tractors.

“Your ma and I mighta moved into a condo, but I still do a day’s plowing!”


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One Response to ““Vintage Bizarre Snowmobile Plans””

  1. Jack Says:

    Those are really cool but not as cool as the autographed picture of Jesus on ebay.

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