1950s Poodle Teapot on eBay

Merciful heavens.

I mean, really.

According to the seller, at some point in this teapot’s life, someone thought it would be improved by a coat of silver spray paint. My favorite part is the way the poodle’s legs are collapsed to accommodate the teapot shape. Makes me think of elderly, paralytic dogs. “Muffin doesn’t get around so well anymore. I have to carry her outside and wipe her heinie with a tissue. Muffin! You want a cough drop? Do yuh? She loves those Hall mentholyptus ones. That’s right. Crunch it up. I don’t think there’s any need for a dog to have bad breath.”

(Click the pic for the listing, and scroll down for description and more pix.)


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3 Responses to “1950s Poodle Teapot on eBay”

  1. Kate Diamond Says:

    Wow. One has to wonder: who designed this lovely object? Who thought those eyes would be okay on any type of product?

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    I know. If you listen closely, you can hear both the whimpering and the flatulence. And I like poodles!

  3. Roger Says:

    And nobody bought it — for ten bucks! Go figure…

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