Kitty Wigs

Angel Joe and I visited Amy the Soap Crone last weekend, and I whipped out my digital camera to show the latest vid of Musette. Amy leans over to her husband, Izzy, whom we hadn’t seen in a while, and says in a very loud stage whisper, “She’s kind of obsessive about her cat. Just nod your head and say it’s really cute.”

All right, I am a tad obsessive about Musette. But at least I’m not tarting her up yet, a la this feline fatale.

Kitty Wigs

Yes, for $50 you can make your cat look like an extra in an Andy Warhol video. Visit Kitty Wigs, and don’t miss their Flickr photo group.


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3 Responses to “Kitty Wigs”

  1. madamemaracas Says:

    Zomg I’m speechless … I’ll have to cross post this on my blog as well as this is just too funny to not let others know about!

    Thanks for your support too!!

  2. Amy The Soap Crone Says:

    I think you SHOULD tart her up. That wig is the most fabulous thing I’ve seen in many, many days.


  3. Esri Rose Says:

    The thing is, I realized I do have a cat sized wig. It sits on the head of my Build-A-Bear doppelganger, a stuffed orange tabby with glasses and a geeky T-shirt. The hair color is pretty much a match for mine, and Maria M said, “You must get it.” So I did, but it was only six bucks.

    And yes, I have put it on Musette. She let me. I’m waiting for just the right light and setting to take a picture. It’s not going to look glamorous like Miss Blue Hair. We’re talking six dollars worth of fake hair.

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