I changed my “theme” (blog template) yesterday, and found out how to have an intro page. Since I don’t have an intro yet, the blog is back on the front page. I also have my Virtual Response update program hooked up, so we’re back on the email gathering trail.

Sign ze papers

Cast your mind back to this post, where I promised that when my book-update email list reached 50, I would write a short story set in the Elves Among Us universe. We’re up to 18 now, which is about 3 times what it was when I asked, so good on yer! Know that I won’t trade your email addy for extra-cute kittens, there’s an easy unsubscribe feature, yada, yada, yada. If you’d like to sign up (and get a free short story at some point), then click on the “sign up for my newsletter” link at the tippy-top of the right sidebar. Mom and Dad, stay away from that button. It’s bad enough Aunt Patty is being counted.


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