The Fire Wallet Supreme

Fire Wallet Supreme

I’ve become really interested in illusionist magic over the last year or two. How it’s done, how it’s designed, the reasons behind loving to do it or loving to watch it, and most importantly, the context. When we see a busker on the street, changing the color of Bic lighter casings, we know it’s a trick. There’s no emotional context around a Bic lighter (okay, maybe there is, and there are Yahoo groups for those folks). But some people, on visiting a woman in her own home and watching her appear to remove a diseased organ from their body by psychic surgery, will believe it, although the principles are remarkably similar.

That philosophical tidbit is just a prelude to a really cool gizmo you can buy from The Trickery, an online magic supply store. It’s the Fire Wallet Supreme pictured above. (Click for purchase info. You know you want it.)

You can keep all your money and cards in this nice leather wallet, open it like normal…it only flames when you want it to. Folks, that is a lot of fun for eighty-nine bucks. Although if you accidentally pulled this trick in the airport security line, it would almost certainly get you shot.

Other situations where it might be fun to light this puppy up:

  • At your real-estate closing, after signing the big check.
  • At one of those rather pretentious New York restaurants.
  • When you’re pulled over for speeding, and the nice officer asks for ID after you tell him you’re Satan.

Anyone else? I’ve only scratched the surface here.



2 Responses to “The Fire Wallet Supreme”

  1. Laura Says:

    When I pay my daughter’s preschool tuition.

  2. Esri Rose Says:

    You know what’s almost the best thing about this? The name. It’s the Fire Wallet Supreme, which suggests that there is a whole host of lesser fire wallets out there.

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