Jill Monroe is funny people.

I have to introduce you to Blaze author Jill Monroe, because she consistently cracks me up. She’s quite the videographer, too. Here are two of her Author Talk episodes.

Jill recently answered one of those 6 Boring Things About Me memes, and I’m sorry, but hers aren’t really boring. I was particularly fascinated by something we had in common, and which several other writer-types on her blog also did. See #1, below.

Forthwith, here are 6 things that are not boring about me.

  1. I sometimes turn off light switches and pull doors closed with my bare feet, because what if I someday lost my arms? Then I’d be ready. (Jill has the foot thing, too. I’m wondering if it’s a strange writer tendency, like alcoholism, paranoia and hypochondria.)
  2. I make greeting cards featuring the Holy Chicken of Lourdes.
  3. As a child, I was apparently a magnet for exhibitionists. Thus, peni don’t startle me. As far as I can tell, they are part of the natural scenery, like trees and litter.
  4. I have a great fondness for the jumping spiders that appear in my office. The best way to give them a drink is to spritz them with chlorine-free water.
  5. I have had my nose microwaved. (Experimental skin-cancer treatment. Not recommended.)
  6. I have had my nose tattooed. (To help cover the scar from the previous.)

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    One Response to “Jill Monroe is funny people.”

    1. Jill Monroe Says:

      Thanks for the shout out to the videos, Esri. They are so much fun to make, except for of course the authors, who are difficult and quite the prima donnas!

      I haven’t even tried turning off a light switch with my feet. I must give it a try – but I’m quite a bit shorter than you are, so that might explain never attempting that amazing feat!

      Okay, penis the same as trees and litter…funny!

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