Could use a little heat, here.

I’ve often said that winter is my favorite time of year, but I’m spoiled in my locale. Colorado has an average of 330 days of sun a year. Our snows usually melt within three days, and we often have 60-degree days in January. Not this year. Oh, we’ve had the sun, but it’s been a cold, cold winter, with snow on the ground since before Christmas. I still like winter. I like the clothes, drinking hot tea all day long, the consistent sleeping temperature, the snuggly bed, fires in the woodstove, and having fewer allergies. It’s all good. But in anticipation of weather that’s just a little warmer, here’s a pic of Musette just inside the screen door on a rainy day.




One Response to “Could use a little heat, here.”

  1. Laura Says:

    I agree. And what’s up with this overcast crap? The whole reason we came back from Seattle was because we wanted some sun in the witner.

    Last night, even Danny was muttering about moving to the Bahamas.

    As a friend once said (about Seattle, but it seems apropos even for Colorado this year), “… then in November, the sky turns to oatmeal.”

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