How do you give good blog?

Janet Lane from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contacted the Wet Noodle Posse for our ideas on how blogging has helped with promotion, so I put together a little piece on that this morning, with the help of some other Noodlers. I think it will appear in their next newsletter. Coincidentally, the Banditas are having a discussion on ways to promote your book on their blog (Trish Milburn wrote the inciting post. She belongs to WNP and Romance Bandits). The comments are a goldmine of good ideas and feedback. Go visit.

Below are some ideas of mine that didn’t make it into the article.

  • The first commenters on a blog have the longest history together. As the conversation gets more chummy and personal, new people may feel like they’re late to the party. For this reason, launch your blog in a big way, with a dozen posts in place, tons of fun links, an alluring contest, guest posts on other people’s blogs, and emails to everyone you know. Make all your blog posts sparkle, but especially the initial ones.
  • There are a lot of blogging platforms out there. Blogger might have an edge in member numbers. WordPress allows you to build a whole website. Tomorrow there may be something new. I personally think that good syndication features are the wave of the future (I gotta look at how my fed works on Google Reader).
  • Content is king, but photos are the jester everyone looks at. Your own pics are best. Getting permission to use others’ pix is also an option, as is paying for online stock photos. The latter aren’t expensive, but your own are free, and much more effective.
  • Hot links add interest, and useful information makes you beloved.
  • If you want comments, ask questions that people are interested in answering.

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One Response to “How do you give good blog?”

  1. Trish Milburn Says:

    Great tips, Esri. And thanks for the mentions.

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