A scary promise…


I’ve already had one complaint about leaving the story idea hanging (in this post). So I’ve had a self-serving idea that will actually serve both of us. I will write that idea as a complete short story (that’s the eek part, because I so do not have a lot of time). And I will do this when my email list for the ElvesAmongUs website reaches 50. Oh, that’s such a small goal. And considering that I have yet to send anything out, what you’re currently threatening potential signers with is a free short story. Boohoo. How they will suffer.

So go to the website, which is different from the blog, and scroll down that left sidebar to the bottom, where I promise never to share your email address, and I also mention that you can unsubscribe with the merest touch of a button. Then you might mention it to some of your friends.

UPDATE: Just so you know, we’re at about the 30 mark. I’m not counting contest entries. Those aren’t quite the same thing, from an email standpoint. (May 1)


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