Fifty prints for a buck.

It’s two, TWO Esris in one!It’s two, TWO Esris in one!

This is the 4×6 printed author photo I’ll be including in my press kit. Here’s the deal. If you sign up with, you get 50 4×6 prints for .99 shipping. Granted, I just ordered mine yesterday and can’t say what the quality is, but for less than a dollar, you can afford to find out. And yes, if you have no need for author photographs, you can upload 50 completely different photos and get them shipped to you. For 99 cents. The only annoying thing about the site is that it won’t let you go to another page on that tab. Do they really think that accomplishes anything besides making us want to set them on fire? I ordered the prints despite that.

I called my folks for a chat first thing this morning, and then absent-mindedly made caffeinated coffee (which I keep for guests) instead of decaf. After my cuppa joe, I proceeded to talk non-stop for about an hour. I can only assume they found it relaxing not to have to speak, since they didn’t hang up on me. Or maybe that’s just the love.

One of the things I did was read them excerpts from one of my favorite books. It’s a collection of posters for exhibitions of flea circuses, freaks, illusionists and daredevils dating back several hundred years. The posters are in the collection of noted illusionist, actor, historian, author, collector, and yes, Grammy-Award nominee, Ricky Jay. (Is there nothing this man cannot do?) Angel Joe gave me this particular book two Christmases ago. If you want the stories without the spendy big pictures, you can get Jay’s Anomalies book.


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One Response to “Fifty prints for a buck.”

  1. elvesamongus Says:

    BTW, the jpeg files are NOT available yet online. I gotta put together an electronic version of the press kit, and they’ll be there.

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