Birthday redeemed!

Angel Joe was quite happy with his cleaned-up desk. He’s in there now, hammering away at the keyboard. Now that I can see the desk, I’m reminded that it’s not very nice. So we’re looking at a cheap new one in the Home Decorators catalog.

It’s cold out here!It’s damn cold today. My cat Musette didn’t want to go out. This is a first. Usually she has her breakfast, then goes straight to the front door and gets her collar put on. But today she ran away when I came near her with the collar. Mercy. She has a pet door, so it’s not like she can’t come in when she wants. She is so done with this weather. Speaking of Musette, I decided to Google cat and Musette, and several came up. And let me tell you this…people who name their cat Musette are really into their cats.

It’s cold enough that I’m toying with a funky idea. We inherited this strange fake fireplace from one of Angel Joe’s dead relatives. It has an electric heater in it, with a flame light that’s actually quite good. Could be kind of a hoot to put it in the newly cleaned-up office room. It’s wonderfully cheesy. I could put a vase of peacock feathers on it and get all Victorian and shit.



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