Birthday faux pas.

Today is Angel Joe’s birthday, but not only did I forget first thing this morning, I also snapped at him for some completely unjustified reason. It happens. His b-day present (ordered off the Internet) was due to come on the 4th but hasn’t appeared yet (tornadoes?) so I am forced to go to extreme measures. Playing to my strengths, I am working through the vast pile of papers on his desk. He works at home about 2.5 days a week, and I LOVE having him here. But Angel Joe, bless him, is not a filer. Neither is he a thrower-awayer or a put-it-in-the-recycle-binner. So his desk was barely visible under a pile of ten-year-old receipts, computer-peripheral boxes for products we no longer use, 90-day warranty cards from 1999, and for some reason, three small, plastic pink pigs. I saved those. For all I know, they’re tax related.


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