Thanks for visiting me! I’m Esri Rose, author of romantic-suspense books about Elves in Boulder, Colorado. Look below for links to sample chapters from both books.

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Four-star Romantic Times reviews for both books!

Bound to Love Her

A delightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit, mystery and magic!

Kathy Love, Fangs for the Memories, USA Today Bestseller

Armed with flashlight and pepper spray, Erin Chandler is prepared for anything when she takes her neighbor’s dog for an evening walk through the Colorado woods — almost anything. The last thing Erin expects to encounter on the trail is a semi-conscious hot guy who claims to be an elf.

Attacked by a rival who wants to steal his land and end his life, Galan of Longtail Rock is almost dead when Erin stumbles onto the scene. By helping him, Erin somehow creates a mysterious bond that allows him to take energy from her. Galan has no idea how to break their link without paying the ultimate price, but Erin doesn’t mind the enforced closeness. She can’t stop fantasizing what it would be like to nibble on those pointed ears and feel his long hair brush her skin. Galan never thought a human would risk her life to help him fight a dark elf. The more danger he and Erin encounter, the more he feels BOUND TO LOVE HER.

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Stolen Magic

I enjoyed Stolen Magic so much, I devoured it in one night!”
Kerrelyn Sparks, NYT Bestselling author

In a world where humans are displacing elves in alarming numbers, Adlia spends her days working at elf headquarters. But with no artistic talent of her own, and orphaned too young to have known her parents, Adlia is an outsider even among her own elven kind. Only Mark, her human photography instructor, sees that beneath her sarcastic humor lies a vulnerable soul – and a desirable young woman.
But while relationships with humans are pleasurable, they’re also complicated, as Adlia is about to discover. For somewhere between her mind-blowing first human kiss and falling in love, a mysterious memory loss strikes the elf population. Adlia must save her people and herself before she forgets everything. If she succeeds, she may solve an important piece of her personal puzzle and find that Mark fits perfectly.

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Buy on Amazon for $4.99 paperback, $2.85 Kindle.

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